* N Family

June 21, 2010

This family was a lot of fun to work with. I knew right away when Grandpa approached me and made sure I knew his right side was his good side, that this would be fun! Little guy Wyatt was too adorable! I'm so glad I was able to do these, thanks guys hope you like them as much as I do!


Cami and Dustin said...

Great job Amber, those look really nice. That baby is so beautiful. And Ciara is so gorgeous I can not even stand it!!!

Emily said...

these are amazing amber!! probably some of my favs that you've done!

Matt and Amanda said...

These pictures are so good! I agree with emily, definitely some of my favorites!!! Gorgeous family!!

Jessie & Steve said...

I love love love these pics!! What a darling family! I love the places you take all these pics at. Amazing!

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