* Krew 3 Months!

November 17, 2010

This is my adorable nephew Krew, and I just can't get enough of him! He will smile for days, and he is such a good baby! He has one of those smiles that melts your heart, and you could just watch him and be entertained! Happy 3 months sweet Krew, we love you! F17edit copy F4 copy F3 copy F2 copy F1 copy F7bw copy F6 copy F5 copy F11 copy F14 copy F12 copy F15 copy
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Cami said...

Oh my freaking heck! He is the cutest thing ever! He reminds me of Gage, so he definitely has your side of the family in him, but he also looks a lot like your sister's husband to me. How does that work?!

Kim said...

He is definantly Handsome alright so so cute!!!

Shirley said...

Amber, we love love love our pictures of Krew! Thanks for creating these beautiful memories for us!

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