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December 14, 2010

One of my favorite photographers Joanna Taylor did a post similiar to this and I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize how hard it would be till I got started! Narrowing down my favorite pictures of the year was a very challenging task. Each picture I have taken has meaning to it, every family, person, newborn, senior, child I have met has touched me in different ways. Every situation and session I have came across this year has been different and if I posted on everything I have learned this year the post would be endless. Photography is so much more to me then snapping some pictures and printing them out. It's everything but that! Here are just a select few of my 2010 pictures that really relate to me. 4484443544_055dc10a7f_b[1] One of my first "play sessions." This picture was a love of mine instantly and still is one of my favorites! Zach & Monica22 Zach and Monica let me take some "practice engagement photos" with them. I came home and almost cried because I loved them so much! Now I will be shooting their real engagements next month, plus their wedding May 21st! Thanks guys! Portraits30 My friends are the best and when I asked them to model for me, they were all about it! I've learned so much since then but these are still my favorites!25395_388138451380_375266366380_4097462_129181_sedit I started out mostly doing studio sessions, I loved the colors and lighting! I quickly jumped to on- location now I have an equal love for both! Denicke55 My first family session and so many things I could've done differently. I remember posting this picture for the first time on a photo board and getting so many knocks on it. I'm so thankful for that cause it helped me grow and learn what I know now! Final11 My first senior session. Elyssa is a girl you will never forget, she has the personality that I would love to work towards one day, sassy but sweet. Not to mention she is a beauty! I also burned myself on that bike that day, yes I'm sometimes not the smartest so I will never forget this session by my scars either! :) Final44 First Maternity session, I was so nervous going into this. Turns out it was one of my favorite sessions and Megan and Ian were the best! They were willing to do anything! 02 Another family that really helped me get to where I'm at today! The amount of practice I got with these guys was so helpful and it didn't hurt that they're one amazing looking family! I will be forever thankful for them! 120 One of my favorite things about photography is catching up with old friends. This is Emily, I haven't seen her since 7th grade! She wrote me on facebook one day saying she would be in town and wanted pictures, I about died! Taking the pictures was only half the fun, catching up was the best! I've caught up with a lot of friends this way from school, and brought back some fun friendships! 125 Sweet Owen, he was my first newborn that slept for me! I was beginning to think newborns were maybe not my thing until he came along! t&L Lacie & Tanner, my first wedding! I prepared for this wedding like you wouldn't believe and I walked away feeling so great about it! I had a lot of fun and it helped a lot that both of their families were some of the nicest people I have ever met! 13 Addy! Her parents have been amazing with helping with my website and refering me to great people! And Addy was just too lovable, I didn't want to let her go! I told you this would be long, if you're still reading I give you props!! 459 Jamie & Jason, my first real engagments. Way too many memories of this one to name but we all loved the finished product! 039edit First Bridals with one of my best friends! 021 First Temple Wedding, the temple grounds were packed that day but craziness always makes things fun! Loved these two and this wedding! F3 First extended family session! They're really the sweetest family and they didn't hit me when I called them all by different names! :) Lastly some of my favorites where I think my skills really shined! Yes that sounds cocky but to be a photographer you have to be kinda cocky! F9 41 F0 F22bw L43 44 1bwtexture kkk F24edit 015 F16 2 copy 34 F7 final511 F29 Mom didn't plan for his sisters to be in the photos but this moment was precious, they were so proud. And this is just a snipit of 2010 I did over 70 sessions! Can you believe it?? It was a busy year but one of the best years for me! All of my clients are my favorites! Here is to another amazing year lets make it over 100 sessions this year!

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Emily said...

i LOVE this!! you are SO incredibly talented! next time i come back to utah we'll have to get together to catch up over lunch. so sorry i missed you last month!

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