*Gage turns TWO!

February 18, 2011

My little guy is no longer my baby! I love him so much, it's amazing the love you have being a mom! Happy Birthday Gage, we love you! Ga1 copy Ga0 copy Ga2bw copy Ga6 copy Ga5edit copy Ga8 copy Ga7 copy Ga9 copy Ga12bw copy Ga14edit copy Ga16bw copy Ga15 copy Ga18 copy Ga17bw copy Ga20bw copy Ga23 copy Ga25edit copy Ga28bw copy Ga27 copy

Cute Ashton

February 14, 2011

This is my third time taking Ashton's Pictures and he is just too cute! I just love his hair and the little faces he pulls! He was very proper with his cake as first but eventually dug right in. He is turning one the end of this month, Happy Birthday sweet boy!! 12x12 storyboard2 copy 8x10 storyboard copy A1 copy A10 copy A12 copy A18 copy A19 copy A4 copy A6 copy A24 copy A5 copy A22 copy A25 copy A31 copy A33 copy


February 9, 2011

Hudson was born on the same day as Brynlee, maybe they will grow up being buddies! He started out alert as can be with his eyes set on mom & dad. After some cuddling (most by me) he fell asleep and we had some fun!
I've officially followed Lacie & Tanner through a Wedding, Pregnancy, and now being parents! Congrats you guys, thank you for allowing me to share in your most exciting moments! Untitled-1
D1 copy D3 copy D6 copy D5bw copy D8 copy D7bw copy D9 copy D11bw copy D13 copy D14bw copy D15bw copy D20 copy D19 copy Final Annoucement

Tayler & Family

February 8, 2011

This session was a lot of fun and isn't this family perfect! Tayler is such a beautiful mama to be and I'm excited to do their new little boys newborns when he arrives! T2 copy T4 copy T6 copy T5 copyT7 copy T11 copy T14 copy T13 copyT16 copy T21 copy T22 copy T8 copy

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