*Gage turns TWO!

February 18, 2011

My little guy is no longer my baby! I love him so much, it's amazing the love you have being a mom! Happy Birthday Gage, we love you! Ga1 copy Ga0 copy Ga2bw copy Ga6 copy Ga5edit copy Ga8 copy Ga7 copy Ga9 copy Ga12bw copy Ga14edit copy Ga16bw copy Ga15 copy Ga18 copy Ga17bw copy Ga20bw copy Ga23 copy Ga25edit copy Ga28bw copy Ga27 copy


Kim said...

Oh what a handsome little fellow!!! Grandma loves him so much... Very nice job and what a cute little model.

bunchocoffeys said...

Those turned out ADORABLE, and that outfit is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!

Shirley said...

Ohhhh Amber those turned out so adorable! He is so so cute and such an ANGEL I am so proud of you and what a cute mom you are! Happy 2nd Birthday Gage! We love you so much!

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