Spring is here

March 20, 2011

I'm so lucky that I have a few older daycare girls that love getting their picture taken! I had some backdrops I hadn't used yet so we had some fun playing around with them! Spring is here, but you can't really tell with the snow on the ground this morning! There will be a lot of fun stuff coming up this Spring/Summer! I have a lot of studio sessions booked well into May which is awesome! I love on location but I love studio just as much! Happy Spring Everyone! D3 D0 D8 D5 D12 D16 D14 D13 D20 D19 D18 D17 DA1 D21 DA14 D4 D7 D10 D15


Kim said...

Amber those pictures and those models were amazing!!! Those were darling . Those parents are very lucky to have a Great Daycare Provider and have her take Professional Pictures of their children...Nice job.

Shirley said...

How cute are those pics of the kids! Adorable!

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