Zach & Monica

April 5, 2010

You know you had a good session when you're speeding home just to load the pictures and edit! Shooting these two was fun and easy, they were great! I love how these all turned out and you will see too cause I couldn't narrow them down. Picture Overload!
Zach & Monica32 Zach & Monica10 Zach & Monica14 Zach & Monica28 Zach & Monica27 Zach & Monica26 Zach & Monica23 Zach & Monica22 Zach & Monica20 Zach & Monica17 Zach & Monica56 Zach & Monica55 > Zach & Monica52 Zach & Monica51 Zach & Monica49 Zach & Monica48 Zach & Monica45 Zach & Monica43 Zach & Monica42 Zach & Monica41 Zach & Monica40 Zach & Monica37 Zach & Monica35


Phil, Jackie & Vinny said...

You are doing such a Awesome job Amber! I am excited for Vinny's session!

Jessie & Steve said...

Very beautiful. I love the one of them laying down with their heads together like the one on your blog. It's so cute!

Kimberlee Dawn said...

For real! Seriously! Those were beyond amazing!

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